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Water Treatment Spares

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RO Membrane

Price: 8000 INR/Number

Reverse Osmosis Membrane effectively removes salt, minerals, chloramines, nitrates, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses in the water and makes it suitable for drinking purpose. While choosing membrane you should take some of the critical issues in consideration like ph level in water, water permeability and solute permeability. Our RO membrane for water purifier is the best in the industry with most reliable technology. We are the leading RO membrane suppliers in Chennai and making in the pioneer of the industry. Arima is the large stocking distributor for RO membrane in all sizes for domestic and commercial purposes.

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Micron Cartridge Filters

Price: 100.00 - 450.00 INR/Number

Wound Filter Cartridges are designed to meet the most demanding filtration duties. They offer an economic, compact, easily installed and maintained filtration system for removal of particulate removal from liquid. The Wound filter cartridge has a better dirt-holding capability than the general PP Sediment Melt Blown Filter Cartridge. It is made of using 100% food grade Polypropylene (PP) material. Wound filter cartridge is widely used in the fields of Petroleum, Chemical, Oil, Electroplating, Medicine and Food production.

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Stainless steel tank

Price: 9000 INR/Number

Arima Chemicals & Systems, located in chennai. We are one of the leading manufacturers of SS Storage tanks, mainly for water storage.


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